What is it?

The service was created in Netpeak Agency for fun. Its purpose is to create memes with the employees of the company. Some of them will become a part of our company and culture.

Are you sure it’s a good idea?

Being self-ironical is a characteristic of highly intelligent and strong personality. If you can laugh at yourself, you’re superior to prejudice, strong in spirit and strong-minded. Positive attitude toward life and each other was always a part of our mission and corporate culture. This service is an opportunity to maintain such a vital for us element of culture. However, no employee should have to suffer :). If you think a meme may be offensive to someone, you’d rather not create it. And if you don’t want such a meme with you to be crated, contact an HR representative and ask to remove the ability to create memes with you. The administration represented by the CEO will always defend this service no matter how sensitive you are. Keep a positive attitude to life and to each other. There’s already too much shit around to be grumpy and miss an opportunity to smile once more :).

Is it a public service?

The service is for the Netpeak employees only, however, the links are available on a public page too, so please do not use obscene language :).